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Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Back to blogging with my talented friends!  Each week, one of us chooses a topic and we all post a blog entry on that topic, usually on Thursdays.  (Usually we are on time.  Usually.  Ok, sometimes.)

Here are the links to the other fabulous blogs:

            As you, my Five Loyal Readers, know, my fellow bloggers and I took a summer hiatus from blogging to focus on some other areas of our lives.  Blogging is fun, and I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to write alongside my talented co-bloggers, but it’s also a commitment, complete with a deadline.  I will admit I didn’t miss the deadline, even though I did miss the writing. (Some of my co-bloggers did post during this time, and you can see those posts on their respective blogs.)

            But we are back, and this week, Moma Rock asked us to write about what we did while we were on our break. 

            I had lofty goals, I did.  I mentioned a few before we signed off all those months ago.  I even completed a few.  I reviewed my friend Tommy’s book chapter and gave him some feedback.  I took the 11 for an occupational therapy evaluation and found a time for her appointments (I’ve yet to figure out how I will fit these appointments alongside swimming and her other therapy, but I will. ).  I met with two members of the middle school staff and talked about the 11’s IEP (and then the 11 threw me a curve ball and decided to stay in the elementary school .  . . but I got it done!).  We sent the eldest daughter off to Berlin (though I never did read the info packet – am I a bad parent?).  I managed to mail some of those greeting cards; of course, most were late (progress not perfection!) and I’ve completely blown my September mailings to date.  I did some house cleaning, though that has always been, still remains, and always will be an uphill struggle.  I cleaned house in other ways, too:  I finally got a Tennessee driver’s license, turning in my Illinois card without a look back.  I feel like an official resident of the Great State of Tennessee. 

            I did finish my book reviews and then did a few more.  I also accepted a wonderful invitation to become a full-fledged reviewer at Chick Lit Central, so I’ve read a lot and have another pile of reviews to write.  Along those lines, I joined a neighborhood book club, one that meets once a month.  I’ve also started to do other activities with some of the neighborhood women, so I’ve been getting out more, something both necessary and good.

            One friend and I have taken to walking every weekday, a nice five-mile trip through our subdivision.  I also walk at least one weekend morning, usually a slightly longer walk past the middle and high schools.  I regularly hit the Nashville Flea Market (third weekend of the month), and one in Shelbyville, too. 

            And then there were the things I did not plan but which happened, both bad and good.  My beloved cat Uncle Jesse died (I don’t want to talk about it), and so I spent a large chunk of my summer grieving (and I’m not done).  To ease the pain, we adopted a kitten, one who looks frighteningly similar to Nikki Sixx.  We’ve been calling her Squee because she doesn’t meow but instead squeaks.  She’s sweet and naughty and she’s helped distract me, but I still miss my Jesse.  (Also, a kitten?  Not at all helpful with keeping the house clean.)  On the much happier flipside, I’ve also become a fragrance consultant for Gold Canyon Candles, something I never intended when I accepted an invitation to attend a candle mixer at a friend’s home.  I love love love home décor and a nice-smelling (if untidy) home, and I thought, “Why not?”  I hosted my launch mixer this week and had a great time, and I look forward to hosting many more.

            And, of course, I took some time to think and reflect and make sure I wanted to keep writing the blog, because life has become quite full in so many ways.  My blogging girls and I kept in touch during our hiatus because, underneath it all, we have become friends, and that won’t change, regardless of whether we write together.  But we want to, and we will.  And here we are.

            I suppose if I learned any lesson from our break, it’s that we make plans and the Universe laughs.  I started my break with the loftiest of goals.  I achieved some, but not all, and to assume I’d check off every box was a bit naïve of me.  Life is never so neat (kinda like my house). 

            All of which is to say that I’m glad to be back, but I’m sure I will still have weeks where I post late or not at all, or where my post is “meh” at best.  My house will be messy (though it will smell great!), I’ll forget to sign a field trip form, I’ll finally have the emotional energy to find a spot for Jesse’s ashes.  And I’ll get around to editing my book, I will.  All in good time.

            In the meantime, I’ll light a candle for Jesse . . . and then try to keep the kitten from knocking it off the table, grateful for my messy life and for having this forum in which to share it. 


  1. Great post. Sounds like you've been keeping busy. I hope the candle business goes well. :) Squee is so cute. I love the pics of her.

  2. I'm glad you were able to accomplish the things you set out to do during our break, and, thank you so much for the greeting card you mailed me. :) I really appreciate it. I'm glad we're back. I've missed our group!

    1. I've missed it, too. And I know your card meant so much when I lost Jesse, and I wanted to send that back to you (though I hated that you needed it).